Maseng AS
Empathic Radio:
To provide Wi-Fi users all over the world with faster Internet considering the limited radio spectrum by offering a software suite that will run on Wi-Fi access points. This automates channel selection and transmit power control, based upon local measurement shared within a local group of networks. It will operate in a distributed manner, which enables the system to assist Wi-Fi users with a minimum of operator assistance and infrastructure. It is especially suited for apartments or multi-dwelling-units, where the networks are disturbing each other because of lack of bandwidth forcing them to share the same channel. 
We will provide a coordination interface via the backhaul network, enabling residential LTE-U base stations to do channel coordination with Wi-Fi networks.
There will be two types of licenses of our software: 
1. The enterprise software suite will be a complete software support package sold to ISPs and router manufacturers. This can be compared to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) along with software support and updates. This will be offered before the community software suite:
2. The community software suite is open source modules, which will be assembled by the users. It already contains the discovery module which has been offered as an open source program. The benefit of this is that our ideas will spread fast and get a rich support community from which the enterprise solution can benefit. This software will be offered later and is not part of this project. It can be compared with the Red Hat community Linux version called Fedora. It will be Open Source programs and be a part of the OpenWrt software suite and offered to individuals only.